KUKULA: Nocturne in Blue Minor: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Exhibition

14 Jun - 13 Jul 2024
DCG is proud to present "Nocturne in Blue Minor" solo exhibition by the celebrated Pop-Rococo artist Kukula. This exhibition showcases an exquisite synthesis of her latest creations providing a comprehensive view of her evolving artistic journey. Kukula, renowned for her mastery in blending classical European art with contemporary pop culture, offers a deeply feminine perspective that transforms her works into a dreamlike visual narrative. "Nocturne in Blue Minor" captures momentum through fragments of pleasure and sweet memories, crafting a world where each detail and color choice unfolds a story. As the title suggests, this show, characterized by intricate and whimsical details, masterfully unravels the complex relationship between the past and modernity, enhancing the unique symphony of colors, blending contemporary notes with historical whispers in each new creation.
An unmissable appointment to experience the enchanted universe of this iconic artist, who revives the lightness of Rococo in a fusion with the pulse of contemporary women's stories.