KUKULA: Nocturne in Blue Minor: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Exhibition

14 Jun - 13 Jul 2024
DCG is pleased to bring to the London art scene "Nocturne in Blue Minor," the solo show of one of the foremost exponents of new surrealism, the acclaimed Pop-Rococo artist Kukula. This highly anticipated exhibition presents an unmissable fusion of Kukula's latest creations, offering a representative view of her intriguing artistic journey and magnificent evolution.
"Nocturne in Blue Minor" includes three of the largest format works ever created by this extraordinary artist, a prominent name in the Pop surrealist firmament. Over the course of her more than twenty-year career, she has distinguished herself with stunning and evocative imagery. 
Kukula's art narrates a contemporary romanticism that recalls both the idyllic atmospheres and the refined lightness and creativity of the Rococo. The inspiration is rooted in the deep desire to breathe the dreams of past eras, intertwining their symbolism and poetics with a search for a vision of the future, rich in dreams and promises that today seem to have dissipated in the wind.
The new collection of works is imbued with a nostalgia infused with its modern meaning, highlighting the freedom of femininity and gender identity in a non-binary reinterpretation of classic stories. Strongly inspired by the aesthetics, fashion, and themes of the Rococo era, renowned for its attention to feelings and rich with playful themes, and with a focus on male portraiture, Kukula channels this unmistakable artistic heritage to revive the sentimental message of Art.
An enchanted scenography comes to life, and Kukula's characters exist in landscapes beyond their time, perpetually oscillating between past and future, never anchored to the present. Each work of "Nocturne in Blue Minor" is a meticulous composition, with a refined and sophisticated sensitivity, characterized by sublime painting, where the classic theme meets contemporary sentiment, inviting us to follow and lose ourselves in a room adorned with intimate fragments of dreams.
In this new "universe," we encounter androgynous creatures inviting us to enter a world of its own, dissociated from the external one, escaping its pain and finding comfort in a secret garden. These rooms, with their doors ajar, seek to illuminate and infuse the outside world with their sweet symphony, rather than being overshadowed by it.
Contemporary surrealism, as expressed by Kukula, oscillates between its historical roots and a rediscovered and lived "truth" as a remedy for the everyday. The artist moves away from the cerebral tales and explorations of the synaptic paths of historical Surrealism, and like most modern surrealists, focuses on the narrative of non-places that embody their present emotions in response to the surrounding reality.
This dreamlike visual narrative offers a profoundly feminine perspective, making Kukula's work a personal diary where melancholic shades of blue nourish our nocturnal dreams. The body of work in "Nocturne in Blue Minor" is unprecedented and stands out as a collection of the artist's masterpieces, showcasing her technical virtuosity in incredible settings and ornate costumes. Each painting is enriched with intricate and imaginative details, creating a fairy tale where every shade and color choice harmonizes perfectly with its narrative.
Kukula's imaginary reality pushes us to desire to inhabit her paintings. Perhaps her greatest achievement is inspiring a desire in viewers to step into her dreamlike worlds and make them their own reality. 
"Nocturne in Blue Minor" is an unmissable opportunity to experience the enchantment of Kukula's art. Join us at DCG to immerse yourself in the luminous world she creates, where each painting invites you into a dreamlike landscape of historical whispers and contemporary emotions