14 May - 18 Jun 2022

Faith, Love, Hope Spirituality and Japanese Tradition from Canvas to Sculpture


This Spring exhibition program at Dorothy Circus opens with the new series by three Japanese artists, home to DCG: Kazuki Takamatsu, Chishi Morimura and Emi Katsuta. 


Opening Saturday 14th of May at our premises in Connaught Village, the triple focus show will trace the passage from canvas to sculpture. The show will gather the suggestions and the analogy of these three artists who have in common the spiritual bond between nature and humans and whose artistic production is based between tradition and new technologies. The result is a still image of the evolution of a contemporary code that faith remains in art and the Japanese culture. 


Thanks to his technique of depth mapping, extraordinary in rendering shadows and lights, Kazuki Takamatsu, across a sublime composition of forms, enhances our perception for every declination of color, transporting the viewer to another dimension: suspended between a dream and a tangible unreality. 

For his new series, the artist presents the Red Series experimented with new pigments, which retrace the themes most dear to his poetic of introspection, memory and resilience. 


Profoundly inspired by traditional sculpture with Japanese wood, the artworks by Chishi Morimura are intertwined with nature, originated from a marriage of inspiration and spirituality. 

The wood on which the artist paints is the spokesman of a tale where Chishi completes the language with her delicate figure painted with shell powder, gauze and natural color. 


The figure takes shape and becomes a sculpture in Emi Katsuta’s works which, similarly to a girl who experiments with poses and adventures with her dolls, integrates sculpture with wood drawing on a bizarre makeup of acrylic colors. Resin and sometimes fabrics and Japanese wools give the sense of blissful neglect and profound carefreeness present in our childhood memories.