KAZUKI TAKAMATSU: Even A Doll Can Do It: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

14 Feb - 30 Mar 2015

Rome, February 14th, 2015. Dorothy Circus Gallery is pleased to present “Even a Doll Can Do It”, a brand new body of works by the Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu, who had his first successful solo show with Dorothy Circus Gallery, “Because I am a Doll”, back in 2013.

“Even a Doll Can Do it” features fifteen new powerful depth mapping paintings: once again, half dolls female bodies are floating in a private universe coming out from black and white color declinations.
The artist has his precise understanding and his own sensitivity concerning the Japanese young girl’s mood, thoughts and feelings, bringing to life young subjects who carry both the power of Japanese technological development and the sad awareness of earthquakes, tsunami and the high suicide rate in Japan.

Using countless transparent layers of gouache and acrylics, he creates works that have a dominating presence and spectacular impact, evoking otherworldly spiritual icons able to fully immerge the viewers in the energy found in a metaphorical dance of emphasized juxtapositions.

Takamatsu’s monochromatic palette underlines the good and the evil, and the “distance where there is no light and shadow”, and so he gives to his digital souls a real sense of surrealistic absence of gravity and breathtaking depth, where every feeling seems to be surrounded by its echo.
The artist merges popular punk rock culture with his roots of Japanese traditional beliefs, as we can see in his teasing Xray lighted school girls, who show up their guns while, as defenders of the five great elements, they wear an “heavenly aura” upon their heads.

Takamatsu holograph-like effect is executed entirely by hand, with a meticulous technique.
His figures, emerging from ground, fire, air and water, seem to move into an intimate room constantly dominated by a strong sense of hope and infinite rebirth of sorrow.

During the long awaited and much attended second solo show with his Italian Gallery, Takamatsu, who will attend the opening of the exhibition, will present and sign his first limited edition monographic book, curated by Dorothy Circus Gallery and published by the Italian publisher Drago.

At the opening, moreover, the Gallery, together with the publisher, will take the chance to present “The Doors of Perception”, 3rd volume of Dorothy Circus Gallery’s trilogy featuring a beautiful cover by Kazuki Takamatsu and the following exhibitions: “Daphne Descends” – Alessia Iannetti, “13 Fortune” – Paolo Guido, “God is Her Deejay” – Sas & Colin Christian, Afarin Sajedi, Francesca R. Di Nunzio, “White Elegy” – Kwon Kyungyup, “Because I’m a Doll” – Kazuki Takamatsu, “Hide & Seek” – Natalie Shau, “Lacrima Aquarium” – group exhibition, and focus on Chris Berens, “The Silent Circus” – Clementine de Chabaneix, “The Trouble with Angels” – Ray Caesar.

The exhibition “Even a Doll can Do It” received the Patronage of the Rome-based Italy Japan Foundation.