PAOLO PEDRONI: Altered Visions: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Exhibition

16 Aprile - 4 Maggio 2024
Following the phenomenal success at Art Taipei and a series of continuously sold-out shows, italian Paolo Pedroni now brings his first solo exhibition to London. Titled ‘Altered Visions’ his new collection is marked by distinctive and a fresh inspiration that weaves the concept of color as a metaphor for the accumulation of the unnecessary. This intriguing and magical narrative, presents vibrant hues contrasted with black and white, emphasizing the essence of subjects amidst the superfluous. We are invited to experience reality through two lenses: the ocular, filtering life's chaos, and the spiritual, revealing a purer, color-rich essence of what truly matters. With his blend of pop culture and profound social commentary, a masterful technique and stunning realism warp reality, Pedroni continues to astonish presenting a fantastical world viewed through rose-tinted lenses, where viewers are challenged to distinguish the essential from the excess in a blend of altered visions and paradoxical clarity.