Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

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November 30, 2023
Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

The programming opens with a duo show at our Rome venue, featuring the works of the French sculptor Clementine Bal, and the young talent, the Korean Yu Gyeong Cheon.


They embrace the theme of family with the sophistication and poetry typical of the feminine lenguage, offering diverse perspectives on relationships and the intricate threads that bind us. Each artwork tells the story of connection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences and the universal ties that unite us all. Following is the eagerly awaited solo show by the impressionist genius with incomparable evocative talent, Joe Sorren. A master of sublimating reality, he brings to London a collection of works that open a space where imagination knows no bounds.


The boundless imagination of contemporary surrealism continues the narrative, exploring the power of companionship as a driving force behind creativity and collaboration. This is evident in the duo show of Peca and Jesus Aguado, exploring the synergy between their distinct artistic voices, as well as in Paolo Pedroni's solo show in London. Self-affirmation and self-security emerge from the painterly exploration of the two Anglo-Saxons, London-based Ben Ashton and New Yorker Matthew Grabelsky. This theme is equally present in the joint exhibition of Liz Florez from Cuba, in comparison with the street artist Miss Van, creating a spectacle of two strong female personalities with rich and original vocabularies.


Spring opens with solo exhibitions by Luke Chueh and Kukula in London, and the joint exhibition of Blic and Erkut Terliksiz in Rome. This paves the way for the debut talent of Japanese realism, Kana Tsumura, who will exhibit in London in a Focus show dedicated to her Still Life. Dedicated to the depths of introspection and the search for Harmony, shared by our talents from around the world, the theme of the year further unfolds through the magical suggestions of Mr. Sasquatch and Farley del Rosario, who, along with Thomas Ascott, Leixiao Han, and Wang Jin Bo, will conclude the programming at DCG in Rome. In London, after the presentation of the Thai artist Natepool we welcome back Jonathan Viner. He returns to celebrate with us the end of an exhibition year where we interweave our perceptions into the fabric of each exhibition. A year of art and experience that embodies the essence of 24: a year that we wish for everyone to be one of unity, understanding, and growth."




17 FEBRUARY 2024


Embark on a captivating journey at DCG Rome, where we proudly present a dynamic duo show featuring the mesmerizing sculptural works of French artist Clementine Bal and the rising star from Korea, Yu Gyeong Cheon. This exhibition promises to inspire the viewers on an unforgettable introspective journey. Both artist bring their very own distinctive and evocative style to the forefront, delving into the profound connections that bind our inner world with the embrace of nature. Bal's characters resonate with us through their at times disarming naivety, offering a soothing counterbalance to the clamor and chaos of the world. Similarly, Yu Gyeong Cheon, through the use of a sweet and poignant color palettes, invites us to explore the delicate interplay between emotion and environment.




9 MARCH 2024


We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of Joe Sorren to DCG London, a maestro of impressionist surrealism whose canvases exude unparalleled poetry and beauty. This extraordinary artist not only played a pivotal role in propelling the Pop Surrealist movement to prominence but also left an indelible mark on the evolution of new Surrealism in painting, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for artists worldwide. Sorren's brand new distinctive tableaus, where soft and vivid tones intermingle, evoke a spectrum of emotions from sheer delight and surprise to moments of profound introspection and wistful nostalgia. With a masterful touch, Sorren unravels the enigma of Time, inviting us to explore the intricate dance between memories and the fantastical realms that grace our vision.




16 MARCH 2024


DCG Rome is excited to unveil a captivating convergence of surrealism in a duo exhibition featuring two exceptional painters: the visionary Argentinian artist, Peca, and the enigmatic Spanish surrealist, Jesus Aguado. Venturing the Latin approach to pop surrealism, through this captivating fusion of cultural richness and artistic innovation, we unveil Peca’s dreamlike compositions and intricate details, able to transport us to otherworldly realms where reality and imagination intertwine. Both Artists’ new works invite us to question the boundaries of perception, evoking a sense of wonder that lingers long after the gaze is averted. Jesus Aguado new series serves as a portal to a universe of subconscious exploration, beckoning us to decipher the enigmatic narratives concealed within the layers of his paintings, mesmerizing us with his haunting and magical landscapes.



13 APRIL 2024


Following the phenomenal success at Art Taipei and a series of continuously sold-out shows, italian Paolo Pedroni now brings his first solo exhibition to London. Titled ‘Altered Visions’ his new collection is marked by distinctive and a fresh inspiration that weaves the concept of color as a metaphor for the accumulation of the unnecessary. This intriguing and magical narrative, presents vibrant hues contrasted with black and white, emphasizing the essence of subjects amidst the superfluous. We are invited to experience reality through two lenses: the ocular, filtering life's chaos, and the spiritual, revealing a purer, color-rich essence of what truly matters. With his blend of pop culture and profound social commentary, a masterful technique and stunning realism warp reality, Pedroni continues to astonish presenting a fantastical world viewed through rose-tinted lenses, where viewers are challenged to distinguish the essential from the excess in a blend of altered visions and paradoxical clarity.




19 APRIL 2024


DCG Rome welcomes you to a mesmerizing voyage into the realms of portraiture, where two exceptionally talented artists, english Ben Ashton and american Matthew Grabelsky, beckon us into their distinct and enchanting worlds. In this captivating two-artist show, prepare to be transported to an alternative reality where the essence of portraiture takes on a wholly original and surreal dimension. Both those maestro in their own right, invite us to explore the boundaries of artistic expression, through a series of thought provoking paintings that resonate with an imaginative vibrancy able to challenge convention, inviting the viewers to delve into their unique visual narratives. While rooted in the tradition of portraiture, their approaches diverge into wonderfully unexpected territories, each weaving a tapestry of dreams, emotions, and the surreal.


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