Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

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November 30, 2023
Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

The programming opens with a dual show at our Rome venue, featuring the works of the French sculptor Clementine Bal and the young talent, the Korean Yu Gyeong Cheon. They embrace the theme of family with the sophistication and poetry typical of the feminine lenguage, offering diverse perspectives on relationships and the intricate threads that bind us. Each artwork tells the story of connection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences and the universal ties that unite us all. Following is the eagerly awaited solo show by the impressionist genius with incomparable evocative talent, Joe Sorren. A master of sublimating reality, he brings to London a collection of works that open a space where imagination knows no bounds. 


The boundless imagination of contemporary surrealism continues the narrative, exploring the power of companionship as a driving force behind creativity and collaboration. This is evident in the duo show of Peca and Jesus Aguado, exploring the synergy between their distinct artistic voices, as well as in Paolo Pedroni's solo show in London. Self-affirmation and self-security emerge from the painterly exploration of the two Anglo-Saxons, London-based Ben Ashton and New Yorker Matthew Grabelsky. This theme is equally present in the joint exhibition of Liz Florez from Cuba, in comparison with the street artist Miss Van, creating a spectacle of two strong female personalities with rich and original vocabularies. Spring opens with solo exhibitions by Luke Chueh and Kukula in London, and the joint exhibition of Blic and Erkut Terliksiz in Rome. 


This paves the way for the debut talent of Japanese realism, Kana Tsumura, who will exhibit in London in a Focus show dedicated to her Still Life. Dedicated to the depths of introspection and the search for Harmony, shared by our talents from around the world, the theme of the year further unfolds through the magical suggestions of Mr. Sasquatch and Farley del Rosario, who, along with Thomas Ascott, Leixiao Han, and Wang Jin Bo, will conclude the programming at DCG in Rome. In London, after the presentation of the Thai artist Natepool, we welcome back Jonathan Viner. He returns to celebrate with us the end of an exhibition year where we interweave our perceptions into the fabric of each exhibition. A year of art and experience that embodies the essence of 24: a year that we wish for everyone to be one of unity, understanding, and growth.




11 MAY 2024


Renowned for his unique artistic vision, Luke Chueh returns to London with his second solo exhibition, a fascinating showcase that continues the saga of his iconic character, the bear. Through Chueh's expansive canvases, each one a narrative realm where the story of the Artist, personified by his distinctive character, unfolds in startling details of emotional depth. Known for his blend of irony, melancholy, and symbolism, Chueh's work resonates deeply, inviting viewers into a world where the familiar and the surreal merge. Chueh's bear embodies a wide range of emotions, rendered with the artist's characteristic minimalist palette and powerful, evocative brushstrokes. This latest collection offers an immersive narrative experience, inviting the audience into Chueh's world, where every brushstroke ignites the imagination, and each painting is a fragment of a personal, poignant story.



18 MAY 2024


DCG Rome is proud to present the dual exhibition, uniting the vibrant and distinct artistic styles of Liz Flores and Miss Van. This exclusive showcase harmonizes two formidable voices in the depiction of womanhood through contrasting artistic expressions. Liz Flores, a painter of mexican and cuban descent known for her cubist and symbolic style, is celebrated for her deconstructed and reassembled interpretations of the female form, creating bold and abstract compositions. Her art captures the complexity and multifaceted nature of female identity, casting a contemporary light on traditional cubist principles and offering a nuanced narrative on womanhood. Conversely, Miss Van, a prime mover in the European street art scene weaves together delicate lines and sensual figures, imbued with a raw, untamed emotional depth. Miss Van's Art offers a poignant and visceral exploration of femininity, making her a vanguard in the portrayal of women in street art. Together, these two artists engage in a unique dialogue, juxtaposing their distinct interpretations of femininity enriching and thought-provoking experience to explore the diverse and dynamic nature of female representation in art.




13 JUNE 2024


Renowned as a master of Pop-Rococo, Kukula returns to DCG with a captivating retrospective solo exhibition, presenting an exquisite synthesis of her newest creations alongside treasured pieces from private collections. Drawing inspiration from both classical European art and contemporary pop culture, Kukula imbues her work with a contemporary, deeply feminine perspective, crafting an enchanted world where Momentum is captured through fragments of pleasure and sweet memories. With this new series, the artist invites the audience into a realm where every detail and color choice unfolds a narrative, celebrating the delicate equilibrium between historical influences and modern sensibilities. This retrospective offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the enchanted universe of this iconic artist, who revives the lightness of Rococo in a fusion with the pulse of contemporary women's stories.



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