Clémentine de Chabaneix
September 15, 2022
Born in Neuilly sur Seine in 1972, Clementine de Chabaneix is a female sculptor creating large-scale ceramics posing like creatures inhabiting a magical land.
As the granddaughter of the famous sculpture artists duo François and Xavier Lalanne, Clementine follows on from an inspiring legacy full of symbologies and narratives that resonated with her. Clementine achieved an amazing level of uniqueness by picking up from where Les Lalannes had left off exploring, adding her personal journey through surrealism.
With her very own style and technique, Clementine fuses in her delicate ceramic sculptures all her artistic skills such as drawing, painting and engraving giving birth to a poetic and visionary body of work. She takes a playful, purist approach to her universe, rich in imagination by focusing on forms, stories and details. Clementine lives and works in Paris, and her artworks are featured internationally in Galleries and Museums.


The interview of artist on Elle France





Claude Lalanne & François-Xavier Lalanne

Known individually and collectively since the 1960s, Les Lalanne developed a style that defines inventive, poetic and surrealist sculpture. Having rediscovered the Renaissance art of casting forms from life, then employing contemporary electro-plating techniques, Claude Lalanne achieved a delicacy and sensitivity in her work unparalleled in cast bronze. François-Xavier Lalanne similarly found inspiration for his works in nature.
In his words, "The animal world constitutes the richest and most varied forms on the planet." His subjects consist of a menagerie of animals, stylized forms oftentimes married with functionality. His works achieve streamlined elegance in their profound simplicity.


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