MITSUKO KUROKI & MIHO HIRANO: Dorothy Circus London | Double Solo Show

17 Nov - 17 Dec 2022

In the last fifteen years that Dorothy Circus Gallery has been open, we have showcased many female artists. We have talked about Women, Femininity, and Feminine Art in all its forms. This is because our curatorial researchs mission is to direct attention towards the Female voice, which is still so often shut down.

However, our research, as the acceptance of feminine appearance, prescinds from gender. Instead, it embraces the more arcane and profound concept of the woman who encompasses the ideal and real femininity also in gender fluidity. We recently showcased the work of Jana Brike, in her representation of powerful, free and proud women. However, we now find ourselves facing another aspect of femininity, closer to the abstraction of the feminine ideal. 


The idealised female imagery represented in the work of Miho Hirano and Mitsuko Kuroki is rooted in the imagery of art history, as a message of beauty and perfection, as the woman that embodies the angel bringer of positivity, light, and justice. A constant in the modern-century depiction of the female figure is the coexistence in all aspects of this being. Contemporary feminine art completes itself through the ambivalence of its message.