MITSUKO KUROKI & MIHO HIRANO: Dorothy Circus London | Double Solo Show

17 Nov - 17 Dec 2022
Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present double solo exhibition Beauties of Nature by Miho Hirano and The Sixth Sense by Mitsuko Kuroki, opening at Dorothy Circus Gallery London on the 17th of November 2022. 
The idealised female imagery represented in the work of Miho Hirano and Mitsuko Kuroki is rooted in the imagery of art history, as a message of beauty and perfection, as the woman that embodies the angel bringer of positivity, light, and justice. A constant in the modern-century depiction of the female figure is the coexistence in all aspects of this being. Contemporary feminine art completes itself through the ambivalence of its message.
Just like this, within the representations of these women, we can find figures that range from the Mother to the Daughter, from the Maiden to the mature Woman, and from the Angel to the Baby. Whether these representations come from a female artist or from a male artist’s avatar, they embody the coherence of the Female choice. In fact, it is not by chance that throughout our past and contemporary artists this Feminine avatar appears, showcasing a poetic narrative, intimate and profound, linked to themes such as spirituality and conscience.

The two artists, renowned representatives of the New Japanese Surrealism, will be presented in a double solo show. Their work will lead the audience on a journey through feminine perception. Through the Sixth Sense, it proposes suggestions instead of stories, dreams instead of reality, and the colour of the night sky and its stars, in order to once again lead the audience’s gaze to the interiority and the inner voice that is in every one of us, resounding with what is beautiful, fair, and sublime in response to violence, war, and horror.
The Woman embodies the Feminine voice once again, as well as the Masculine one, coming together in a quest for change, united in a magical union in which, during these angsty times more than ever, we feel the need to believe in.
Art remains culture and soul’s weapon of choice. It pries on the most developed of our senses: sight. It captures our attention and calls us to challenge the manipulation that wants us blind and functional in front of the bright screens of our daily commitments.
While we cross through the night guided by Mitsuko Kuroki’s five luminous canvasses, infused with powdery pigments and stardust, we can observe, in Miho Hirano’s five canvasses, a light-blue spring composed by the meeting of Air and Water, as a foresight of the coming down of a new era focused on the protection of nature.