ART TAIPEI: Pink Me Up: International Art Fair

20 - 23 Oct 2023

For our second participation in Art Taipei, we are proud to present 'Pink Me Up', a group exhibition curated by Dorothy Circus that celebrates art as a universal language, capable of transcending time and space and offering healing, inspiration and boundless joy. Focusing on the transformative power of the colour Pink, this exhibition features eight exceptional artists, each with their own unique perspectives, all beautifully interwoven with joyful colour palettes to reveal the magical and evocative power of Pink.

This exhibition project delves into the fascinating world of colour psychology, specifically exploring the impact of pink as a state of mind and its effect on our emotions, particularly associated with love, kindness, warmth and creativity.

So whether it's the flutter of a woman's dress, the petals of a flower, the translucent plumage of a bird or the thick melting of the sun through the clouds at the end of the day, this collection of paintings celebrates that sweet feeling and the evocative nature of the rose hue that encourages us to embrace the mysteries of life and let our imaginations blossom.


We invite our audience to follow the traces of colour scattered among the works and to unleash their imaginative power by discovering the secret details among the magical landscapes of these exceptional artists.


Leading the journey is Joe Sorren, an American pop surrealist with an impressionist style whose evocative works capture the whimsical and majestic beauty of the natural world. With hidden reflections on delicate touches of pink hues, Sorren's paintings transport us to serene landscapes that radiate joy and tranquillity, reminding us of the healing and transformative power of nature on our psyche.


Venturing into the realm of Japanese cyberpunk-inspired art, Kazuki Takamatsu presents enchanting creations that explore the intricate relationship between technology and humanity. Takamatsu's evocative works encourage us to reflect on our role in a rapidly changing world, pushing the boundaries of our imagination and challenging us to seek growth and understanding.


Next, Thai artist Alex Face's enchanting Flower Bouquets, inspired by 17th century 'Vanitas', imbued with the contemporary symbolism of life's transience. Inspired by the hues of flowers, Alex Face's masterpieces guide us through an emotional reading of the secret language of nature, illuminating secrets and memories with evocative and cathartic power.


Filipina painter Fatima Ronquillo transports us to a realm immersed in the magical essence of art history. Rich in floral and bucolic detail, her ethereal figures and enchanting creatures awaken wonder within us, evoking a world where time and space are intangible, inviting us to explore new dimensions of existence.



Afarin Sajedi, Iranian painter whose art boldly centres around womanhood and female empowerment in contemporary society, will present her new work which delves into the "Pink" concept, imbuing her intense and ironic characters with its essence. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of cultures including the Renaissance masters, Shakespearean stories, as well as the literary works of Cervantes and Calvino, Sajedi brings a unique perspective on gender dynamics and societal norms, encouraging dialogue and reflection on important themes concerning women.


Hanna Lee Joshi invites us into her captivating universe, where bold shapes and vibrant colours, including shades of pink, converge to create a unique visual language. Through her extravagant and transcendent paintings, she reminds us of the power of art to infuse our lives with joy and happiness, capturing the essence of the transformative nature of pink.


Peca, our Argentinian surrealist painter, invites us to escape into a fantasy world where imagination reigns supreme. With playfulness and visionariness, taking inspiration from nature and birds in particular, her art embraces the pink colour palette, encouraging us to embrace the power of creativity and find solace and inspiration in contemplating the magic of our world.


Finally, Paolo Pedroni, Italian magic surrealist, reveals works that blur the boundaries between reality and dream. Amidst shades of pink, his paintings are charged with symbolism and mystery, inviting us to explore our deepest feelings in relation to friendship and love, amplified through the lens of this powerful colour.


Together, these eight remarkable artists present a tapestry of diverse perspectives, skilfully weaving their artworks into the transformative magic of art and its correlation with the Pink color palette. Through the exhibition Pink me Up we celebrate the profound and magical power of art, rejoicing in its ability to uplift our spirits and ignite our imaginations.