Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

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Luglio 9, 2024
Pursuing Harmony: the Artistic Odyssey of 2024

Our 2024 Summer has opened, infusing new energy into our exhibition program. This year's theme, "Pursuing Harmony" draws inspiration from numerology. The season began with a dynamic series of solo and dual exhibitions, featuring works by the French sculptor Clementine Bal and the emerging Korean talent Yu Gyeong Cheon. This was followed by a solo show from the impressionist genius Joe Sorren, whose evocative talent led to a sold-out exhibition. Sorren's works brought a collection to London that opened a space where imagination knows no bounds.

The narrative of boundless imagination continued, exploring the power of companionship as a driving force behind creativity and collaboration. This was evident in the dual show of Peca and Jesus Aguado, which explored the synergy between their distinct artistic voices, and in Paolo Pedroni's solo show in London. Themes of self-affirmation and self-security emerged from the painterly exploration of Anglo-Saxon artists Ben Ashton, based in London, and New Yorker Matthew Grabelsky. Their works paved the way for Chinese American artist Luke Chueh's new series, "American English."

Spring was inaugurated with a celebration of feminine voices in the joint exhibition of Cuban artist Liz Florez and street artist Miss Van, creating a spectacle of two strong female personalities with rich and original vocabularies. The season concluded with Kukula in London and the joint exhibition of Blic and Erkut Terliksiz in Rome, adding extra layers of cultural exploration and exchange.

After the Summer Break, our schedule will resume in Autumn with the debut of extraordinary Japanese realist Kana Tsumura, who will exhibit a Focus show dedicated to her Still Life in London. The theme of the year will further unfold through the magical suggestions of Mr. Sasquatch and Farley del Rosario. This will be complemented by a special curatorial off schedule show titled "Masterpiece" a fundraising exhibition to support the launch of the MDG Foundation in Venice set to open in 2026.

In London, following the presentation of Thai artist NatepoolJonathan Viner's return to the scene will conclude the programming at DCG. This exhibition will celebrate the end of a year where we have interwoven our perceptions into the fabric of each show. Our 2024 exhibition year embodies the essence of unity, understanding, and growth—an experience we wish for everyone.





DCG London is thrilled to showcase the captivating work of Kana Tsumura, a prodigious young talent from the Japanese painting scene. Her exhibition, Life In Still Lifefeatures incredibly realistic yet surreal still life compositions that beautifully capture the essence of intimate moments and domestic female narratives. Each painting is a delicate balance of harmony and grace, juxtaposed with mystery and untold secrets.Tsumura's distinctive palette masterfully blends sweet emotions with nocturnal atmospheres, creating a sensory experience where together with evocative scents and flavors even silence and whispers are almost tangible. The softness of petals and the shimmer of blush stand out, symbolizing beauty in its most poignant forms. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the depths of emotion and the complexities of modern femininity through Tsumura’s mesmerizing lens.





24 OCTOBER 2024


DCG London is excited to showcase an emerging talent from Thailand, Nateepol, whose new exhibition titled "LOVE IN 3020: A Thousand Ways to Love Yourself" marks a significant milestone in his artistic journey. This exhibition is the second chapter following his critically acclaimed and sold-out exhibition held in Bangkok in 2022. NatePool is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his colorful and romantic acrylic paintings and his hand wood cut prints. His work is a harmonious and visually striking but also imbued with deep romanticism and emotional depth.In "LOVE IN 3020: A Thousand Ways to Love Yourself," NatePool explores themes of self-love, identity, and the future of human connections. His use of color and form evokes a sense of warmth and intimacy, drawing the audience into a personal exploration of love and self-acceptance.






DCG Rome is delighted to present a mesmerizing dual exhibition that features the imaginative works of Filipino artists Mark Jeffrey Santos and Farley del Rosario. This showcase delves into the enchanting interplay between fantasy, reality, and the surreal, highlighting the unique talents of each artist. Known in the street art scene as “Mister Sasquatch,” Mark Jeffrey Santos is celebrated for his signature cinematic scenes that echo the animated fantasies of Miyazaki, yet are imbued with a distinctive Aesian twist in narrative and color. Santos skillfully creates dreamlike environments populated by wide-eyed characters on fantastical adventures, rendering a vivid, almost tangible world. Accompanying Santos, Farley del Rosario presents his distinctive figures set in whimsical, sometimes unnerving scenes that playfully reference classical art and iconic movie imagery. His work, deeply rooted in personal experiences, dreams, and childhood memories, melds a rare sense of humor with profound narrative depth. Del Rosario’s playful yet thoughtful approach challenges viewers to reconsider the familiar through his exaggerated, childlike artistic lens. Together, Santos and del Rosario engage in a visual dialogue that explores realms of whimsy and wonder, provoking thought and delight in equal measure.



21 November 2024


DCG London announces the highly anticipated return of Jonathan Viner, presenting a stunning new collection of fourteen paintings. Viner’s distinctive interior scenes, imbued with cinematic narratives and a unique color palette, are his unmistakable hallmark. His sublime oil paintings masterfully blend traditional techniques reminiscent of Vermeer, Hammershøi, Holsøe with the spirit of modernity. Viner’s enigmatic images oscillate between a seductive, calm, and seemingly reassuring "scenario" and a sense of tension, deliberately created through the absence of certain visual and auditory elements, as if events are unfolding just beyond the canvas. However, scattered details, placed like objects left casually at a crime scene, suggest the presence of something significant to be read between the lines. Viner invites us to look at the forgotten corners of our past and the domestic spaces of our present, as key to understanding our personalities. Through a sense of horror vacui, we reconstruct the puzzle of a lost moment that is fluttering in the wind like the pages of an untitled book.


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