AGENDA: The Year of Freedom

Aprile 23, 2022
AGENDA: The Year of Freedom
In the past three years as a gritty response of the economic system to the pandemic weve assisted to an important change in the art world, the international Art scene has once again focused more on seeing the artwork as a product, as an exchange token with high investment potential. After NFT flop which has conveyed new collectors to young and easily accessible artists artwork flipping and art gambling have boomed, two phenomenons which now pervade also thank to many new galleries which exist only on social media. Even the pompous art world giants support the new collecting system which seems to see an artwork mostly as art money.
We here at DCG have always carefully evaluated the solid long-term investment as pivotal for the collector and were proud to see that quotations of the artists weve introduced 15 years ago have climbed to the stars. But as dreamers and incurable romantics we see art as contact to intangible parallel world, to the spere of feelings and of surreal from where inexplicable emotions come. So our exhibition program explores the land of magic anew with an alchemy mixture hovering between mathematical and magical formula we are here to present to you our 2023 program inspired by the numerological meaning of this year which still surprises us with its appropriate coincidence:
In numerology, number 23 represents a companionable essence expressing a personal sense of freedom. It has many similarities to number 5s as an adventuresome and witty existence and in addition brings with it companionship, diplomacy and creativity energies.”
In reference to this numbers link to freedom symbology we dedicate to our 2023 the program in which the freedom of expression triumphs, the topic which forces us, curators, to carry forward our research more than ever and to be once again pioneers of avant-gard, of the art of change and truth.
Together with the artists were represent who always confront themselves with the individual and social topic of nowadays freedom new rebels too have been summoned to give their own vision of freedom throughout the exhibitions on stage of our Rome and London galleries. 
Particularly at BECAUSE exhibition (Perché Si” in Italian), DCG will introduce a group of artists whose innovative language and the research of independent figuration fulfill the absence of a specific iconography of a hyper-modern rebellion and its free artistic representation.
This exhibitions core mission is the firm answer to social oppression, bigotry, hypocrisy and consumerist slavery  with social equality, freedom of love between two individuals and the free statement of ones own self.





9 MARCH 2023


Opening the 2023 exhibition program will be a solo exhibition by Nigerian painter and sculptor Samson Bakare, who debuts at DCG London with a brand new collection of African male and female portraits painted on canvas and one of a kind sculptures. The exhibition, opening to the public on the 9th of March 2023, brings the theme of Art as a Time machine on stage; just as looking at the works by Bakare, we go through a vertical time: connected by the memory of the past, the construction of the present, peeking into the future, all from the same vantage point. Guided by the empathic googly eyes of the artist, we are accompanied by a reading of his roots. In his works, we become the authors of a new writing of the contemporary Black Culture figuration, not only across the affirmation and legitimation of Black Community, again outrageously victims of injustices, but we also become an active part of the elevation of the same in Art. The protagonists of the colorful canvases of Bakare, represented in regal posture, are the statement of our century who finds its social dignity in returning to the Black Community the position in the future it deserves.  



18 MARCH 2023


With the exhibition "Because", in Italian "Perché Si", DCG presents a brand new group of Artists that, with their innovative language and personal research of an independent figuration, fill the absence of a specific iconography: the hypermodern rebellion and its free representation in contemporary art. On stage for the first time at DCG Rome, the artists: Damien Cifelli, Jamima Sara, Maria Ves, Qhua Ma Nande, Leonardo Nola, Max Scognamiglio, Indra Dan, Torto Lawrence, Giulio Secondo, Olasunkanmi…

The Core Mission of this exhibition is the firm answer to social oppression, bigotry and hypocrisy and to consumersslavery, which takes the side for social equality, the freedom of love between two individuals, and the free affirmation of the self. 






20 APRIL 2023


DCG London is proud to present to its public the new collaboration with Yokoteen, a self thaught Japanese painter with amazing pictorial rendering ability. His artworks have become recognized worldwide with the series entitled Friends in Paradise, a visual tale reflecting the principle mission of the artist to send messages of peace, happiness and freedom. Across summer landscapes characterized by the suggestive shades of aquamarine that recall fresh and transparent water, the artist shares a story dedicated to beauty and to the simplicity of the purest values, such as friendship and solidarity. By using the element of water Yokoteen allows us to feel close to each other, inviting us to rediscover the connection between water, life, birth and rebirth, convicting everyone in a precious spiritual symbology. 







22 APRIL 2023


Another great solo exhibition is approaching for the DCG resident Artist showing with our galleries since 2013 Kazuki Takamatsu, comes back to our Rome gallery this time with a new corpus opere inspired by the abyss depths, the power of nature and particularly by the Water element.
Thanks to his technique of depth mapping, extraordinary in rendering shadows and lights, Kazuki Takamatsu, across a sublime composition of forms, enhances our perception for every declination of color, transporting the viewer to another dimension: suspended between a dream and a tangible unreality. 
For his new series, the artist presents the extraordinary Blue Series, experimented for the recent London group show at DCG, which narratives rendered with new pigments, retrace the themes most dear to his poetic of introspection, memory, introspection and  resilience.


MAY 2023

Coming soon at DCG Rome and London is the sublime street art of Thai Alex Face. The artist is recognized and appreciated worldwide thanks to his unrecognizable iconography, which invites the inhabitants to reflect on contemporary social thematics through interventions in public spaces in the capitals of Asia and overseas. With this exhibition, the artist reiterates his social impact and artistic consistence, painting a body of works rich in references to the History of Art and Humanity in which is present the gaze of his signature character always worried for the planet's future. The painting of Alex Face stands out in the contemporary panorama for the capacity to relate with the new generations through  a sophisticated vocabulary that spins from pop codes remaining free, courageous and sharable while not lacking profound content. 



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