AFARIN SAJEDI Iran, b. 1979

Afarin Sajedi was born in 1979 in Shiraz, Iran and studied at Azad University in Tehran. Through an in-depth study of the Italian Renaissance, Sajedi shapes her taste and elaborates her style, taking inspiration from European art history and the great masters such as Heinrich Boll and Gustav Klimt.


Sajedi's women, painted in realistic technique on huge canvases with homogeneous backgrounds, appear as if immersed in a deep sea of ​​silence. Central to her story is the woman and her courage. Afarin Sajedi's paintings and characters, intense and ironic, evoke at the same time the elaborate nuances of Shakespearean plays, and Lars von Trier, and the surreal adventures of Cervantes and Calvino. Sajedi women show off the most bizarre hairstyles. They have wet eyes, reddened lips and cheeks, revealing the internal conflict that women experience between love and hope, strength and fear in an emotional pattern that mirrors the female experience and explores its psychology and spirituality. The eyes of her characters, closed or open, symbolize the desire to look beyond what we see. In Sajedi's art, the force of change prevails, readable in the symbolism of the fish with which the artist alludes to feelings and the unstoppable desire to move freely in one's imagination, without filters or restrictions. Sajedi has participated in numerous international groups and solo exhibitions.


Since 2015, Sajedi has been recognised as an exceptional talent and awarded an Artist Residence by La Citè Internationale Des Arts in Paris, where she now lives and works.