AFARIN SAJEDI Iran, b. 1979

Afarin Sajedi, born in 1979 in Shiraz, Iran, pursued her studies at Azad University in Tehran. 
Her artistic vision is deeply influenced by the Italian Renaissance, the European art history and in particular by Gustave Klimt and by the  works of literature of Heinrich Boll.
Sajedi's powerful portrayals of women, rendered with realistic precision on expansive canvases against uniform backgrounds, convey an aura of profound silence. Central to her narrative is the woman and her unwavering courage. Sajedi's paintings and characters, both intense and ironic, conjure echoes of Shakespearean dramas, the cinematic world of Lars von Trier, and the surreal adventures penned by Cervantes and Calvino.
These Sajedi women flaunt strikingly eccentric hairstyles, with glistening eyes and  crimson lips and flushed cheeks, baring the internal struggle between love and hope, strength and fear—an intricate pattern of emotions mirroring the female experience, probing into its psychology and spirituality. The gaze of her subjects, whether closed or open, symbolizes an innate yearning to transcend the surface. In Sajedi's art, the potency of transformation reigns supreme, manifested through the symbolic presence of fish, which allude to emotions and an irrepressible desire to roam freely within one's imagination, devoid of constraints.
Sajedi has participated in a multitude of international group and solo exhibitions. Since 2015, she has been recognized as an extraordinary talent, bestowed with an Artist Residence by La Citè Internationale Des Arts in Paris, where she currently resides and creates.