SO YOUN LEE Korea, b. 1984

Born in 1984 in South Korea, So Youn Lee left her native country to pursue her artistic career in the United States, where she studied at the Art Center of Pasadena and earned his BFA in 2012.


Recognised for her ethereal, dream-like aesthetic, So Youn Lee is an artist with a magical style and a bright and elaborate pictorial technique that contribute to her unmistakeable signature-style,. Inspired by the Japanese hyper-pop movement and the bright colours of Murakami and Kusama, So Youn Lee populates her large canvases with otherworldly dolls and angels, evoking feelings of nostalgia. The characters interact with each other in colourful skies, dotted with soap bubbles and fantastic creatures. So Youn Lee's works are an explosion of bright colours and convey a message of tenderness and positivity towards the afterlife.


So Youn Lee's vibrant works are appreciated by an international audience. Her art has been showcased in the United States, Asia and Europe. She exhibits for the first time at Dorothy Circus Gallery.