Born in London in 1968, Sas Christian has always find art as the only way to escape reality. She studied graphic design and lately, she understood what would have been her way in the art world. Starting as a self-educated oil painter and thanks to the influence of great artists such as Tamara de Lempicka, and Margaret Keane, the artist was able to give life to her own style by proposing a new vision of the famous “big-eyes”.


Strong images with pure outlines and a smooth colour palette recall the art deco paintings and show the artist’s pop approach. Big-eyed female portraits are the main, figurative subject, revealing the traits of manga’s figures and both an emotional and narrative component. Even if devoid of a specific context, those girls intense gazes, smirks, tears and sadist smiles reveal their diverse personalities and stories. Those may be gloomy girls, punk, hurt, humorous, intractable, catholic ladies and all uncommon girls that try to connect all kinds of viewers in a unique conversation, where a simple gesture can hide a profound message.