Aron Wiesenfeld was born in 1972, he attended Cooper Union School of Art in New York, and Art Center College of Design in California. While studying at this College, Aron quickly found his way to painting. “It was like learning that I could speak a foreign language” and he made fast leaps in large scale figurative oil painting. It was in school that Aron says he found his vision for his work. He was exposed to the work of many painters that would have a lasting effect on him, such as Lucian Freud, Odd Nerdrum, and Anselm Keifer.


Aron’s paintings depict enigmatic figures traversing desolate environments. Both the people and the places seem familiar, yet oddly out of place. He says “They are refugees, pilgrims, and wanderers, trying to get to the other side of a river that is forever out of reach. I think they are answering a call that is not consciously understandable, but resonates somewhere inside them. It draws them to a place they forgot that they knew about, something like a return to Eden.”


Aron Wiesenfeld's artwork has been the subject of eight solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe, and has been a part of over 50 group shows. Among the publications his work has appeared are Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Art In America, and The Huffington Post. His work has been in a number of museum shows, including The Long Beach Museum of Art, Bakersfield Museum of Art, and The Museum Casa Dell'Architettura in Italy. His paintings have been used for covers on dozens of books of poetry, including "The Other Sky", a collaborative book project with poet Bruce Bond. In 2014 a large monograph of his work titled "The Well" was published by IDW Press. He was recently named one of the top 100 figurative painters by Buzzfeed.