LAURENT CHÉHÈRE France, b. 1972

Laurent Chéhère is a french artist born in 1972 in Paris. He lives in Menilmontant, a popu-lar district of the French capital, a neighbourhood he explores with the same unceasing curiosity as he does in Bamako, Lhasa, Tokyo, Valparaiso or Srinagar.


Working class areas are his playground and source of inspiration. Through exploring these places, he has dis-covered a passion for travel, for people and stories from around the world. As he explores all the fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual images, he likes to adventure in cities, suburbs, countries.


His portfolio has been exhibited in ParisPhoto 2013, at the Phnom Penh Festival in Cambodia in 2013, the Seoul Lunar Festival 2015 in South Korea, the Lumière Brothers Gallery in Moscow in 2015, the National Museum in Bogotá on the occasion of the 2015 Fotografica Festival in Colombia, the Caumont Art Center in Aix-en Provence in 2015, the Fence Festival New York 2016, the Museum of Civilizations in Mar-seille in 2017, the Hudson River Museum in New York in 2018, the Commeter, Persiehl & Heine Gallery in Hamburg in 2018 and the Coral Gables Museum in Miami in 2019. A book on Chéhère’s photos was published on the occasion of ParisPhoto 2018 by Kehrer Editions.